public speaking
The Person Who Speaks Well Commands
Attention, Admiration and Respect Wherever He Goes.
Power Speaking Can Help You Get a Job, a Raise
or a Promotion, Win More Sales and Clients,
and Gain Fame, Success and Popularity

Public Speaking course

Whether You Like It Or Not,
You Will Be Called Upon to Speak,
in Many Occasions in the Future

Dear Friend:

Whether you like it or not, people will "judge" you by how well you speak.

When you’re called upon to speak, and all eyes are on you, will you be shaking all over...your hands sweating cold...your throat so dry you couldn’t utter a word...and everything you hear is the heavy pounding of your heart?

Will your mind go blank? Or will your thoughts and words run helter-skelter like wild horses set free from a stable?

Will you sit down hopeless and helpless, wishing it were the end of the world?

Or will you come out of every speaking opportunity like a champion, a WINNER, amid the applause, love, and admiration of your audience?

Will your audience admire or respect you more? Or the other way around?

Yes, whether you like it or not, people will form an opinion or impression about you and judge you  by the way you speak. So in every speaking opportunity, you must do your best.

These Noted Men Prove and Show
Why the Ability to "Speak and
Communicate Well" Is an Important
Skill for You to Develop and Master

"If all my possessions were taken from me, except ONE,
I'd choose the POWER OF SPEECH because with it I would
soon regain the rest."

- Daniel Webster, great statesman and orator

"If I went back to college again, I'd concentrate on
two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively."
Former U.S. President Gerald Ford

"I'll pay more for a man's ability to express himself than for any other ability he might possess."
- Charles Schwab, paid $1 million a year in salary by then Steel King Andrew Carnegie.

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere."
- Lee Iacocca, former CEO of Chrysler Corporation

"The NUMBER ONE criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is an ability to communicate effectively."
- Harvard Business Review

"I Delivered a One-Hour Speech
and Made P31,230"

"Using only the powerful secrets I discovered in this program, I delivered a one-hour speech and made P31,230.
"Now I also conduct motivational seminars using only these proven secrets."

- Rodolfo Torres, Author, Publisher

He Was a Nobody Until He Discovered
These Public Speaking Secrets and He Became Popular,
Loved and Respected Almost Overnight!

"Speech! Speech!" They Shouted,
Hoping They Would Put Him to Shame,
Because He Was a Nobody
and They
Had Never Seen Him
Deliver a Speech in Public Before,
But When He Began Speaking...

He could see the white of their eyes slowly widen as they gasp in utter disbelief.

All through his speech, he held them on the palm of his hand. He had them at the edge of their seats. He made them smile. He made them laugh. He made them cry.

At the end of his speech, their applause was deafening. It was a standing ovation!

Everyone admired him. Many came to him and shook his hand, smiling and congratulating him. It's a moment he'd always remember. Thanks to POWER SPEAKING!

You rarely see people like him, great speaker and communicator. Yes -

The person who speaks well commands attention, respect and admiration WHEREVER he goes.

When he speaks, everybody listens. No one ignores him. He can make you laugh. He can make you cry. He can inspire, stir, and and motivate you to action.

He can hold you spellbound by the power of his words alone. He has the power to move an audience of one or a thousand at will!

And he almost always gets what he wants: a high-paying job, a raise, a promotion, an election, public support, and the respect and admiration of the people he loves. 

Honestly, do you sometimes wish you could speak like him? The good news is - NOW YOU CAN BE LIKE HIM. People will flock to you, admire you, and respect you! Even take "selfies" with you! magine how different and wonderful life will be if you possess the POWER OF SPEECH!

The good news is - POWER SPEAKING is a skill you can learn and master. You need to know only the basics - the "secrets" - then just pactice, practice, practice! Do it NOW because...

Many Opportunities Are Lost Because
of Poor Speaking and Communication Skills

Jobs are lost. Sales are lost. Elections are lost.  Promotions are lost. Even souls are lost...simply because people don’t know how to speak or present effectively.

Poor speaking and communication skill can cause you to miss or lose:

- a high-pay job, a raise, a promotion,
- an important business deal,
- public support for a civic or religious project,
- a landslide electoral victory,
- advancement in your business or career,
- the love, respect and admiration of others,
- or even higher grades, if you’re a student

To get ahead in today’s world, you must have the ability to express yourself and sell your ideas effectively. You simply can't just ignore this when so much is at at stake!

Now Discover All the Public Speaking and
Presentation Secrets
Without Going Back
to School - Right in Your Own Home!


Now, at last, EVERYTHING you need to "WOW" your audience next time you speak is here. Even if you won't read any other book or take any other course or learn any other technique.

The powerful and tested secrets you'll discover here are ENOUGH to make you stand out in any presentation or speaking occasion.

And people would love to listen to you again and again.

Yes, I repeat, EVERYTHING you need to know is here - COMPLETE! You save money, time, effort, trial and error. You avoid COSTLY MISTAKES and EMBARRASSMENTS.

These are the "distilled" secrets of effective public speaking or presentation. You can throw away everything else except these secrets and you will still shine out and attain fame, prestige and popularity.

Just master these secrets and you're all set - this program can be your SHORTCUT to fame, success and advancement in your career or business!

6 Reasons Why a Distinguished Toastmaster Recommends It

Distinguished Toastmaster, Baby E. Luat,
evaluated our program and said:

“I highly recommend it!

 “1. It is an essential material for those who would like to become effective and eloquent speakers.

 “2. The audio CD’s are invaluable addition to one’s collection of materials for speech- making and delivery.

 “3. It is worth having and listening to.

 “4. It is easy to comprehend - even the words used are simple and distinct.

 “5. The information comes in manageable increments and moves smoothly from simple to more dramatic style of speaking

 “6. The listener can easily replay the audio lessons for better comprehension and retention.


Can Be Your Proven Secret Weapon
to Win Popularity, Prestige, Or Advancement In Your Job, Business Or Profession

Now you, too, can develop this valuable speaking skill.

And we would like to prove it to you - even if you’ve never delivered a speech before - with our simplified POWER SPEAKING audio program called...

“How to Become An
Interesting Public Speaker
People Like to Hear
Again and Again"
-in 12 Power-Packed AUDIO Lessons

You can listen while relaxing in your own home!

You’ll easily master each secret because you’ll be shown not only WHAT TO DO but also HOW TO DO IT - with dozens and dozens of examples you can instantly apply!

Here Are Some Of
The Lessons You’ll Discover:

   • How to Overcome Stage Fright and Speak with Confidence like a Pro

    • How to Prepare, Choose a Topic and  Write a Surefire Title for Your Speech

    • How to Use the Power of Stories and hold them in your palm eagerly awaiting your every word at the edge of their seats

    • How to Use the Power of Humor to win over even the most hostile and indifferent audience.

    • How to Use the Power of Showmanship and Audience Involvement to add fun and excitement to your speech.

    • How to Use the Power of Visuals and nail your audience’s attention to your message.

    • How to Use the Power of Words - and hold your audience spellbound.

    • How to Use Gestures and Body Language Effectively... and look your best in any situation.

    • How to Seize their Attention Instantly - keep their interest and keep them glued to their seats until your very last word.

    • How to Close Your Speech with Impact - and so memorably and interestingly you’ll leave them clapping and standing on their feet, clamoring for more and so they’d remember you long after you are gone!

    • HOW TO HANDLE THE QUESTION-AND-ANSWER PERIOD LIKE A REAL PRO - PLUS PROVEN TIPS to assure yourself a SMASHING  success right from the start! But, that's not all because -!

You'll Also Discover How to Deliver
Different Types of Speeches
and How to Handle the Q&A Session

You'll Also Discover How to Deliver Speeches for Different Occasions:

> The After-dinner Speech,
> Speech Introducing a Speaker,
> Presenting a Gift or Award,
> Accepting a Gift or Award,
> Speech of Welcome,
> Speech of Response to a Welcome,
> The Commencement Address,
> Anniversary Speech,
> Eulogy,
> Speech of Dedication, etc.

And You'll Also Get Our


One important feature of this program is the powerful SPEECH EVALUATOR.

It's NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else. It's priceless!

It evaluates the content of your speech before you deliver it to help you correct and improve it and guarantee that your speech will be a rousing success!

This unique audio program has everything you need to help to -

Be Ready When Your
Great Moment Comes

Publicv Speaking skill

It will be an occasion when great things are at stake - perhaps it’s winning a job, a raise, a promotion, a big sale, public support or election.

“Speech! Speech!” they would shout, thinking they would put you to shame or embarrassment. You begin your speech... and then see the white of their eyes begin to widen in utter disbelief.

When you finish your speech, the applause will be so loud your bitterest rivals and detractors will promise themselves they’ll never shout, “Speech, Speech!” again. To them it will be a moment of defeat and regret. To you, it will be a moment of victory.

Imagine yourself speaking and swaying your audience at will - with the power of your words. For a moment, you hold them dead still. In the next second, they burst into laughter. A few minutes, later, a tear trickles from their eyes.

From beginning to end, you control their actions. You make their heart beat faster. Or slower. You make them sigh. Or cry. You make them laugh. Or clap.

You make them feel what you want them to feel, act how you want them to act. And again, you do it all, by what Daniel Webster says “the power of speech”!

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The secrets you’ll discover in this course will help you successfully sell yourself and your ideas and cut down barriers of resistance like a razor-sharp sword... melt down indifference... and influence people to support
your ideas or projects ffor good and willingly do what you want.

What does it matter if you invest a little money if you get a high-pay job in return, get a raise or promotion, close a big sale or business deal, win an election, even souls, or gain the love, support, and respect of the people that matter much to you.

Getting this program can surely be one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your loved ones.

Thousands of Satisfied Clients
Including Several Schools

Thousands have taken the program and are delighted.

Here's a partial list of schools that have availed of this Audio program:

La Salle University
St. Paul College
Assumption College
Adamson University
Notre Dame University
Mindanao State University
San Carlos University
St. Benedictine Abbey
St. Peter Seminary
Xavier School
...and more!

As Distinguished Toastmaster Baby Luat said, after she finished listening through the 12 Audio lessons, "I HIGHLY recommend it!"


But we don't want you to take our words for it. Prove it to yourself without risk. You be the judge.


Try This Program for 60 Days
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Why are we making this offer? It's because we believe that once you've gone through this program, and apply practice the, we're sure you'll love it andalso recommend it to your friends and associates. It has been tested and proven and highly recommended by a distinguished toastmaster and public speaking expert.

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It will HELP and BENEFIT you a lot whether you are a businessman, salesman, pastor, politician, social worker or student.


I guarantee: You'll advance FASTER in your career, professional, or business life with your POWER SPEAKING skill - with the POWER OF SPEECH - than without it!


It's Now Available for
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One good thing about it is that, unlike attending classes, you can listen to the audio lessons again and again and review them as often as you want...
anytime you want... anywhere you want... and at your convenience.


Let Your Child Listen Too
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If you have a child, let your child listen to them too - without extra cost!

The POWER SPEAKING skill he or she will develop will greatly help your child succeed faster and achieve more. A good communication skill is needed in today's world. As Lee Icocca of Chrysler, let me repeat, said:

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere."

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Yours sincerely,